AutoPlay Express - your autoplay CD menu solution
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AutoPlay Express - your autoplay CD solution

AutoPlay Express 4.5 - software for making autoplay CD and DVD discs. Click image to enlarge. AutoPlay Express is a powerful yet extremely easy-to-use tool for creating autoplay CD and DVD discs. It's designed to create colorful menus, presentations and shells which appear automatically when a disc gets inserted into the drive.

The product is intended for a broad range of consumers that are interested in creating live, content-rich CD and DVD discs that make great first impressions. It's best suited for creating software discs, CD catalogs, CD presentations, CD photo albums, slide shows, CD business cards and promotional CDs, etc. It is an essential tool for software companies, retailers, marketing and PR professionals, photographers, designers and many others specialists, as well as for home users interested in creating professional looking attractive discs with family albums or home videos for example.

AutoPlay Express allows creation of autoplay menus of any complexity level. At your service is available set of various customizable basic objects, each of them is able to react on mouse movements by changing its appearance and on mouse clicks by launching some actions. Speaking about actions AutoPlay Express offers you a large amount of various actions to perform: from just opening a web link or file to launching the slide show of pictures you store on the disc without any additional viewer required, just by using autoplay menu means.

AutoPlay Express 4.5 - software for creating interactive CD menu and front ends. Click image to enlarge. Another essential feature of AutoPlay Express is full web and multimedia integration. There are three special objects that allows you to integrate your CD menu with web pages and multimedia files such as digital video and flash animations. This means that your clients and customers will be able to view html documents on your CD or DVD disc, open web pages, play video and flash animations - all right inside autoplay menu frame! You can integrate your CD with the World Wide Web to insert a link to your website, for example. This makes CD distribution a tremendously powerful marketing tool and a great money maker. Your customers can instantly order any product you carry on your CD, look for updates and new additions, send you e-mails, browse your website, etc.

Once you're done with designing of your autoplay CD front end AutoPlay Express doesn't leave you one on one with pretty tough for most not experienced users task of publishing the results of your work to the final CD or DVD disc. The ultimate publishing and testing features such as Virtual CD-ROM and integrated CD/DVD burner lets you forget about the headache with right files placing on the disc to make sure everything works fine and make disc actually AutoPlay. The software will handle all by itself. Thus with AutoPlay Express you may start working from blank project and end up with burning the final ready-to-use autoplay disc, all just in one program!

AutoPlay Express 4.5 - software suite for easy visual creating autoplay menu for CD and DVD discs. Click image to enlarge. Working with AutoPlay Express is very easy and fully visual. The entire process of creating CD menus is based on a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) idea, so everything you see on the design screen will end up as a final autoplay menu. The professional animated tutorials available on this site and project templates supplied with the program will help you to get started and give practical examples how to build upon. The integrated CD/DVD burner helps to publish the results of your work and get the final autoplay disc ready. Just combine all the variety of product features and possibilities with the fact that it costs only a fraction of what the competitors charge for their products, and you will start to understand why AutoPlay Express is one of the most popular CD autorun assistant tools available on the market. And since AutoPlay Express is "try before you buy", you can download and start using it without any cost to you just right now!

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